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Modern Family: Best show on TV?

I’ve talked about how I love Modern Family all over my twitter account and on my other blog. I can’t help it. I think it is wonderfully written, so poignant, and most of all, funny as hell! What more can one want from a TV show?

Well that’s just it. Modern Family gives you all of that, plus some. It is the epitome of diversity. And it’s just not diverse for diversity’s sake. It makes an honest attempt to normalize the differences in the characters but ultimately shows the true humane nature of each person. Clichés and stereotypes are used to drive to claim the universality of their situations. 

The storytelling revolves around an extended family. The family’s patriarch has remarried a younger, sexy Columbian woman (Sofia Vergara) and has taken in her 13 going on 30 son. Sofia V.’s character is the same age as the patriarch’s daughter, a middle-aged, married woman with three average children and a propensity to be a control freak. Her husband, the “cool dad” is constantly emasculated but always finds a way to prove his worth. The main patriarch’s other child is a successful lawyer, whose gay partner and him have adopted a Korean child. They both struggle as young parents of a minority child as well as being a gay couple with a child.

While it could be so easy to make these characters caricatures, the show drives hard to make each person well-rounded and dynamic. You can never peg a character as a type, because the show constantly challenges you by adding another dimension to the character or plot. It’s as well-written as a TV show can be (just imagine how great this could be if it was a play!!).

I don’t want to give ABC any free advertisement (shit they not trying to promote my brand) but I do have to give props when I see fit. I wish there were more shows that can do what Modern Family does, and do it as well. If you don’t watch the show, check it out on Hulu or It comes on weekly, Wednesdays at 9:00 PM on ABC. 

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